Friday, July 12, 2013

These are the things i made when i'm bored. The first picture was my plate#7. (i guess? i forgot it). Its actually my first 1.75 grade. So proud of what I've done. Hi-hi. Even though, i draw it quickly. Or in other term, "Even though, its ugly". Its my big luck. The second picture was marilyn monroe. Well i made it. Its not even perfect. The eyes, she looks high as crap. The nose, it don't looks good. The lip, uhmmm idont know how to draw a lip. I'm not pro doing that crap. That's why i cover it. (problem solve) The last picture is i don't what i've paint. Its a circle of i don't know. I think its shading of colors. Where's the light is in the top. And its green. lol.

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